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About Us

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Established in 2019, FloraColombia has been at the forefront of the flower export industry, connecting the world with the vibrant and breathtaking floral offerings of Colombia and Ecuador. Starting with just a handful of passionate Colombian farms, we have rapidly grown our network to over 50 local partners in Colombia and expanded our reach to Ecuador in 2021, where we now collaborate with 20+ dedicated farms.

At FloraColombia, we firmly believe in providing the best service to our customers by delivering happiness and quality in the form of stunning blossoms. Our commitment to excellence has enabled us to build strong relationships with our partner farms, ensuring that our clients receive only the most exquisite, fresh, and ethically-sourced flowers.

Join us on our colorful journey as we continue to share the captivating beauty of Colombian and Ecuadorian flowers with the world, one bloom at a time.

Let’s Work Together

Bogota Office:

Address: Cra.13 #40B-74, Bogotá, Colombia


Tel & Whatsapp : +57 3013792313

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